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Dates For Diabetes (KHAJOOR)

Diabetes Info And Dates For Diabetes
Diabetes Complications And Diabetes Diet Plan
How effective dates are as diabetic food and for cardiac patients?
Date is a fruit, which is considered as a delicacy in many countries. It is also part of the staple diet, in the Middle East. It has an excellent nutrient composition and is a good source of copper, phosphorus, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. It is a poor source of fat, which makes it an integral part of weight loss diets. The total fat content is as low as 0.39 mg. Saturated fats comprise 0.032 mg, poly unsaturated fat - 0.019 mg and mono unsaturated fat - 0.036 mg. About hundred grams of dates provides 75 grams of carbohydrates, 2 mg of sodium, 39 mg of calcium and 19 micrograms of folic acid. They are easy to digest and help in the repair of tissues. Dates can be boiled in water and used as a rejuvenating drink for individuals, especially in convalescence. The total dietary fiber contribution by dates is 7.5 grams per 100 grams. They are an excellent source of potassium at 652 mg per 100 gm. It provides 275 kcal per 100 grams, though a poor source of protein, with 1.97 gm per 100 gm.

Diabetes Diet Plan And Treatment Of Diabetes

Dates are good for the heart. They are often soaked overnight and the water is drunk with the crushed dates, for a strong heart. Milk boiled with dates is also helpful. Dates helps in the control of blood glucose levels. The sweetness of dates fails to have any harmful effect on diabetics. Dates exhibit laxative properties and provide relief from constipation, due to their fiber (8 gm per 100 grams) content. It is also effective against intoxication by alcohol. Water in which dates have been soaked overnight is drunk for this purpose. Dates are considered an aphrodisiac, as it enhances the sterility and sex stamina that may be affected due to functional disorders. Drinking goat’s milk, in which the dates are soaked overnight, is also considered healthy.
Date syrups are commercially available, and are good for nursing mothers. Care is essential, as proper brushing of teeth is important, after consumption of date syrup. Anemia or iron deficiency is especially common in vegetarians, due to the lack of meat intake, and dates are good iron supplements. Dates are highly effective against anaemia. The contribution of iron by dates is higher than finger millet, greens and pomegranate. Dates are sticky in nature and require a lot of care, prior to usage. Wash them well, as they attract a lot of dust and other impurities.
Palm Dates are classified with dry fruit although they are available fresh and sticky ,partly dried and not sticky, and even completely dried and quite chewy. The flesh of the date whether wet or dry is rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. The pulp is rich in fiber, nutrients like Vitamins A and E, and minerals like manganese, sculptured, phosphorus, copper, calcium potassium and magnesium. Vitamin C is lacking in the fruit.

Benefits of Date

The edible date palm whose fruit we eat, is a rugged tree that survives and even thrives in arid conditions and soil where most other trees can barely survive, if at all. Sub –soil water is always available around an oasis and so an oasis will be surrounded by date palms. Much of the land in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa is dry dessert, so it is natural that date has been a staple food of the entire area for centuries. The date has a high nutritional value and plays an important role in supporting the population that inhabits the entire region. The date is rich in natural fibers. and it also contains nutrients already listed above.
Food Value:
Where the nutritional value is concerned the date scores very highly. The natural sugar it contains is in glucose and fructose which are both capable of immediately being absorbed into the digestive system and then being further processed to provide ready energy. In this respect, the sugar from date is way ahead of cane or beet sugar. Date is usually taken raw or is used to prepare sweet dishes. But when taken as nourishment, dates are mixed with milk or curdled milk, which make for a tasty dish of exceptional nutrition. In certain societies it is ground brew into powder. This powder is used to brew a beverage resembling coffee. It has a unique flavor and is called “date coffee.
Like regular palms, the date palm can be tapped and the juice secreted can be collected in an earthen pot for consumption the next morning. In the alternative, the juice, if left to itself for a day or so will ferment, and the alcohol content can be drawn out for consumption or for sale.
Date fiber is the basic of the roughage that stimulates the papillae that line the inside of the stomach. This roughage helps to keep the intestine in good health at all times.
Curative Properties
Dates taken for their tonic effect are very valuable as a medicine. Because dates are easily and quickly digested they are very good for supply of energy and repairing damage or waste in the tissues of the body.
Fresh and clean dates boiled at length in milk is a very nourishing and restorative drink for children as well as adults because their effect on health is like that of any other tonic. Their digestion is easy and quick, resulting in a speedy supply for recuperation and repairs to the body tissues and their cells.
Intestinal Maintenance
Dates contain traces of nicotine, which is ideal for any form of intestinal upset. It has been found that regular consumption of dates suppressed the growth of intestinal organism that hinder digestion and at the same time help to regulate and sustain a colony of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
Dates by their very nature, can be considered a laxative food. The demand by the body to combat constipation, dates should be soaked in water overnight, and then the seeds should be removed and crushed and squeezed into a pulp the next morning. Add enough water to make fine syrup which should be ingested to produce a laxative effect.
Weak Heart
If you are unfortunate enough to have a weak heart, this can be remedied to some extent at least. Again, it is just dates and plain water to the rescue. Dates soaked in water overnight and crushed in the same water the next morning should be taken. If this is done at least twice a week, in a short while the heart muscles will be strengthen to the fullest extent they will ever be.
Sexual Debility
In the treatment of sexual weakness, a handful of dates soaked overnight in fresh goat’s milk must be ground in the same milk the next morning. A pinch of cardamom powder and a teaspoon of honey must be mixed into the preparation which becomes an effective tonic for improving sex stamina and cures sterility due to functional disorders. This tonic is often recommended as a form of daily natural treatment and can be consumed as soon as one wakes up in the morning.
Children’s Afflictions:
An amusing but inventive and practical solution to problems associated with teething time is to tie a date to the baby’s wrist, and allow it to be sucked and nibbled at will by the baby. This will harden the gums and also prevent other complaints like fretfulness and diarrhea, dysentery during teething.
When children are teething, there comes a problem phase in their growth. This is because the milk teeth (the first teeth are growing and are trying to break through the gums causing itching and restlessness of the baby. The baby will bite and gnaw at anything to relieve the itching gums. This is how the baby gets an upset stomach, or worse, diarrhea or dysentery. However a word of caution, the surface of the date is wet and sticky and some pulp always adheres to the fingers. With such a sticky surface the date simply must attract dust and impurities hence they should be thoroughly washed in drinking water and preferably dried before consumption.
Date fiber is the basis of the roughage that stimulates the papillae on the inside lining of the stomach to churn and grind ingested food fine enough for absorption into the digestive system. This roughage helps to churn and grind ingested food fine enough for absorption into the digestive system. This roughage helps to keep the intestines in good health.


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